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  • Package size and weight:
    Balloon: 32 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm, weight 1 kg; 12 pcs in box
  • Airborne Sound reduction index:
    65 dB
900.00 rub.

MAXFORTE SoundFlex is a new generation resilient construction foam specially designed for soundproofing. This product features high density and low expansion. SoundFlex foam is highly resilient, stretchable and capable to restore the original shape after being compressed. Thanks to all these, the excellent vibroacoustic properties of MaxForte SoundFlex are ensured! This product acts as a damping layer and, due to this, significantly reduces the vibration load between the building structures.

Properties and advantages

MAXFORTE SoundFlex foam is intended for reliable soundproofing of window and door assembly seams as well as for elastic filling of building structures movement joints (in particular, the gaps between partitions and floor structures), splits and voids.

  • Foam returns to its original form even after significant compression (up to 75%).
  • Increased elasticity with no damage to the structure.
  • Low expansion provides high density of the product.
  • Construction foam shows very high adhesion to building materials like concrete, wood, metals and artificial surfaces even at extremely low temperatures (down to -10°C).
  • Excellent vibroacoustic properties: up to 90% reduction of vibration.
  • Seams soundproofing of 65 dB (10 mm seam).
  • Volume output (20 x 50 mm) approx. 30 ± 2 running meters
  • Air porosity ≤ 600 PA.
  • Application temperature ranges from -10° to +35°C.
  • Contains flame retardant. Belongs to building materials class E (B2), does not support fire.
  • Low thermal conductivity provides high thermal insulation (0.035 W/mK).


  • Installation of windows of all types made of PVC, wood, aluminum (especially large and non-standard designs) with high requirements for soundproofing and heat insulation.
  • Filling the assembly seams of door frames.
  • Durable elastic filling of cracks, voids and apertures of pipes and risers.
  • Soundproofing and sealing of partitions and walls as well as joints in building elements with extended movements.

Mounting technique

  1. All surfaces must be cleaned from grease, dust and dirt before use. To achieve the optimal foam structure and shorten the polymerization time, it is recommended to slightly moisten the surfaces with water from sprayer.
  2. The SoundFlex foam bottle should be kept at room temperature. Shake the bottle thoroughly for 20 seconds, then screw on the foam gun. Due to high density of MAXFORTE foam only special high-pressure guns can be used.
  3. Hold the bottle with the valve down and fill the seam bottom-up partially (approximately for 50-70% of its volume) leaving the space for the foam expansion. After polymerization is complete remove mechanically the excess foam with a knife.
  4. After the works are finished turn off the dispensing valve of the gun.
  5. Dried foam should be protected from the UV radiation (sunlight) exposure by painting, coating with silicone sealant or plastering.

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