Soundproof electric socket - 2 sockets

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  • Active material:
  • Package size and weight:
    22 x 15 x 5 cm; weight 600 gr
  • Dimensions:
    22 x 15 x 5 cm
1 960.00 rub.

Soundproof electric socket SoundBOX is used for installing electric sockets(outlets), electric switcher into soundproofing schemes. Minimal thickness allows you to install soundproof electric socket even in the thinnest soundproofing schemes.

Soundproof electric socket is made of high strength polymer, that provides long service life and high values of soundproofing.

Properties and advantages

  • 2 power sockets (outlets)
  • Socket depth 34 mm, so it could be installed even in the thinnest soundproofing schemes
  • Socket box could be installed up on 3 mm, so the box is not getting over the finish layer, that makes plaster jobs simpler
  • Power socket could be installed even while making soundproofing installation
  • Face side has rough surface for better adhesion with plaster materials
  • Power socket is made of fireproof materials

Mounting technique

  1. You have to create the hole (100 mm diameter) in first mounted layer of gypsum plasterboard
  2. After, you have to drill the hole for electric cable inside the soundproof electric socket
  3. Soundproof electric socket should be installed in that way, so its edges should stay in front side of the gypsum plasterboard
  4. Fix the soundproof electric socket using self-tapping screw
  5. Install the finish layer of gypsum plasterboard in one "surface layer" with soundproof electric socket
  6. Use MaxForte sealant to seal the hole of electric wire

Mounting video

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