ECOSlab Floor - Soundproof slab

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  • Noise Reduction Сoefficient (NRC) :
  • Package square:
  • Active material:
    Basalt fiber
  • Flammability class:
  • Package size and weight:
    1 x 0.6x0.15m; 0.09m³, 10 kg
  • Sound reduction index:
    35 dBA
  • Dimensions:
    1.2 x 0.6m; thickness 30mm, package: 4 slabs
  • Density:
    110 kg/m³
2 430.00 rub.

The MaxForte-ECOslab Floor. This material is intended for use as a component of "floating" screed structure in the floor soundproofing as well as for laying over the walls under the plaster. Sound-absorbing material is made of 100% volcanic rock (free of impurities, slag or blast-furnace wastes) in the form of slabs. These slabs feature the excellent acoustic properties and due to this can be successfully used for sound insulation of the premises which are the most difficult for soundproofing, such as: the multiplex cinemas, the recording studios, the listening rooms, the home theaters, etc.


This product is environmentally friendly. It is free of harmful phenol-formaldehyde resins based binders which are commonly used by the manufacturers of the mineral wool plates. Moreover, MaxForte-ECOslab also serves as a heat-insulating material since it is absolutely non-flammable. Due to this, MaxForte-ECOslab Floor can also be used as a fireproof insulation!

  • This material is intended for sound insulation of walls, ceilings and ceilings as well as for sound insulation of joisted floors
  • Dimensions: 1000 х 600 х 30 mm
  • Quantity per package: 2.4 m² / 0.09 m³ / 5 pieces
  • Package weight: 10 kg

Properties and advantages

  • Free of binding volatile resins and phenol-formaldehydes.
  • Odorless (the sanitation and epidemiological conclusion is available permitting the use of the material in the residential premises).
  • Hydrophobic behavior: the slabs are moisture resistant. These slabs are rot-resistant.
  • Absolutely non-flammable material. Increased fire resistance.
  • Low thermal conductivity. MaxForte-ECOslab Floor can be used as a heat-insulating material. Application temperature ranges from -260°С to +750°С.
  • These slabs enable antiseptic properties and are mold and fungus resistant.
  • These slabs do not attract insects or rodents.
  • Easy and quick mounting in rooms!

Acoustic values

  • This material features the excellent acoustic properties: it has a high sound absorption coefficient αW at the entire range of the frequencies (including the low frequencies).
  • MaxForte-ECOslab Floor belongs to the sound absorption class "A" (which is the highest of five possible).

Mounting technique

Step-by-step instructions for the MaxForte-ECOslab Floor mounting can be found in section можно ознакомиться в разделе "Mounting layouts". Contact us to get the professional advice by our experts at our office or by phone.

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