Eco.Mat - Soundproof roll

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  • Noise Reduction Сoefficient (NRC) :
  • Package square:
  • Active material:
    superfine basalt fiber
  • Package size and weight:
    0,95 х 0,75 х 0,21м; 0.15m& sup3, 10kg
  • Sound reduction index:
    30 dB
  • Dimensions:
    1.4 x 5m; thickness 14 mm
  • Density:
    1,5 kg/m²
5 060.00 rub.

MaxForte ECO.MAT is a unique development that has no analogues at the moment. The best choice for soundproofing any building. Due to the excellent vibration-absorbing and sound-proofing properties, the material is versatile. It is successfully used both for residential buildings and cottages, and for various social and commercial facilities. The basis is super-thin basalt fiber, followed by hermetic sealing into a shell with a vapor-tight layer.


MaxForte ECO.MAT is successfully used for various jobs:

  • arrangement of floor soundproofing with a "floating screed";
  • noise insulation of external walls and internal partitions made of various materials;
  • ceiling soundproofing in framed and frameless systems;
  • soundproofing of wooden floors.


  • Dimensions: 5000 x 1500 x 14 mm
  • Roll area: 7.5 m² / 0.05 m³
  • Roll weight: 10 kg
  • Color: black/white

Properties and Benefits

MaxForte ECO.MAT has excellent performance properties and characteristics. The choice in his favor is usually due to such advantages:

  • Minimum thickness. The material does not “eat up” the usable space, therefore it is well suited for soundproofing walls and partitions. The unique property is due to the use of fiberglass;
  • High efficiency. Perfectly absorbs noise, helps to create comfortable conditions. It has a high sound absorption class, which distinguishes it from competitors' products.
  • Low price. The material is great for large-scale work, as the savings in this case will be noticeable compared to the use of analogues.

Do not look for alternatives to MaxForte ECO.MAT, because there are none, but immediately order soundproofing in the required quantity!

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