VibroStop PRO - Soundproof mount

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  • Package size and weight:
    15 x 10 x 7 cm; 200 g
  • Sound reduction index:
    20 dB
540.00 rub.

VibroStop PRO is the anti-vibration fastener designed to combat the impact noise penetrating through the ceiling. Using VibroStop PRO allows to reduce significantly the vibration load applied to the profile and provides additional 21 dB soundproofing of the ceilings and walls!


As a resilient element, the special Sylomer polyurethane (made in Austria) is used. It features a high vibration damping capacity and durability. Vibration-proof VibroStop PRO fasteners are ideal for soundproofing against impact noise by the neighbors above!

Properties and advantages

  • The anti-vibration Sylomer elastomer layer. Polyurethane features stable properties and durability (the fasteners have a service life of 40-50 years).
  • The resonance frequency of the VibroStop PRO fasteners which is only 14 Hz provides the additional sound insulation even in the low-frequency region.
  • The predictable shrinkage of the resilient element. The drywall load causes the elastomer shrinkage of only 1.5-2 mm at a time. No additional shrinkage occurs over time.
  • Thought-out design. A uniform load is applied to each hanger due to standard force of elastomer clamping. All metal parts of VibroStop PRO vibration insulating hanger are made of 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel ensuring no sagging under the load (the unbendable metal).
  • Factory assembly. All components of VibroStop PRO hangers are computer calculated. High quality manufacturing of each hanger is achieved by use of professional equipment including the stamping machines and the equipment for hydraulic cutting.

Mounting technique

VibroStop PRO vibration insulating hangers are mounted similar to the conventional KNAUF direct hangers. The fasteners are secured to the floor structures with two 6 x 40 mm sized anchor wedges or fired pins. Each anti-vibration fastener is designed to withstand a load of 15 kg. The average consumption is 2.7 pieces per 1 m2.

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