We at MaxForte understand how important it is for the client to find out which materials and in which quantities are needed in his case, and what is the scope of works to be done when making sound insulation. Our experts will advise you for free and prompt you the best solution. Our staffers are the graduates of the Chair of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, who have extensive theoretical knowledge of physics and a great expertise in practical solutions for sound insulation. You may be sure in a professional approach to solving your problem.
Free advise of acoustic engineer by phone or at the company's office
Materials calculation and sound insulation design for your apartment
Our expert’s visit to your site for consultation and measurements/div>
The acoustic measurements allow to evaluate accurately the sound level in the premises and to assess the qualitative characteristics of the sound. These measurements help the acoustic engineer to define the non-compliance with noise regulations and determine the optimal way to design the soundproof structure for the most effective noise control. The calibrated precision sound level meter and the “EcoFizica-110A” accuracy class I spectrum analyzer are used for such measurements. Based on the measurements and the subsequent computer processing of their results, a report will be drawn up with a detailed description of the existing sound field.
The calibrated precision sound level meter and the spectrum analyzer are used
On the basis of the measurements, a report will be drawn up with a detailed description of the existing sound field
According to the in-situ measurements and the computer modeling, a design for sound insulation or acoustic design of the room is developed.
When developing MaxForte soundproofing products, the special attention has been paid to the ease of mounting on-site. The ordinary workers independently guided by our technological maps with mounting layouts can qualitatively soundproof the premises. However, if you have no opportunity to mount the MaxForte sound insulation by yourself, we can offer you a turn-key sound insulation service. Our mounting team will promptly and efficiently mount the soundproofing structures in your premises. If desired, the finishing of surfaces in the premises can also be carried out.
Floor soundproofing
Prices start from 1600 Rubles/m²
(installation + materials)
Thickness: from 2.5 cm
Efficiency: up to 70 dB
Walls soundproofing
Prices start from 2000 Rubles/m²
(installation + materials)
Thickness: from 2.0 cm
Efficiency: up to 70 dB
Ceilings soundproofing
Prices start from 1800 Rubles/m²
(installation + materials)
Thickness: from 3 cm
Efficiency: up to 70 dB
You can pick up your soundproof materials from the warehouse or order the delivery. Your purchase will be delivered the next day after ordering.
The cost of delivery in Moscow (St. Petersburg) within the Moscow (St. Petersburg) Ring Road is 1000 Rubles. +50 rubles/km is added if delivery within the region. Shipping costs may increase if large volumes are purchased. By prior agreement, the delivery may be arranged during off-hours and on weekends.
Your purchase may be delivered to any region of the country as a consolidated cargo by any transport company (Delovyie Linii, PEC, Nord Will, JDE, Skif Cargo and others). Transportation cost depends on weight and volume of a cargo and may vary depending on the company. Our staff will promptly calculate the cost of delivery and select the best option based on your preferences.