About Maxforte

The MaxForte company is a manufacturer of self-developed high-quality sound-absorbing materials. We are among the leading wholesale and retail sellers of effective and health-friendly noise control materials. In addition, our company professionally deals with all the issues related to the sound insulation of the premises (mounting of soundproofing structures, conducting the on-site acoustic measurements, consulting by acoustic experts).

Our main objective is providing the high-quality soundproofing. We guarantee the effectiveness of our soundproofing solutions based on the use of MaxForte sound absorbing materials. We are aware of the excellent final result because we use our self-manufactured materials. As manufacturers, we constantly check the quality of our products.

The MaxForte company maintains good business and partnership relations with major domestic and foreign companies (Silent Way, Amorim), laboratories of leading universities of the country (Moscow State University, MEPhI), research institutes (Andreev Acoustics Institute) and research centers (NIISPh, GUP NIIMosstroy).

The materials we produce are developed and researched with the direct involvement of a group of scientists including: our staffer who is an expert in physics and a graduate of the Chair of Acoustics, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, as well as the other scientists, engineers and experts from the mentioned above universities and organizations. You can get an idea of the level of our research and consulting if we name some of the above scientists: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences N.S. Vinogradov; Doctors of Technical Sciences, Professors L.A. Borisov and L.V. Timofeev; Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor V.A. Gradov, and others. The elaborations of these experts and their colleagues make us safe to say that noise insulation of modern apartments is the most effective noise control system today. And we are not going to stop here. Our goal is the continuous development and improvement of existing structures.

Dynamic and steady growth of MaxForte company is ensured by a wide product range and a high level of sound insulation services for creation of acoustic comfort in premises at competitive prices. Our credo is a careful attitude towards all the Clients. We perceive your problems as our owns. That’s why we provide free consulting and advisory services in the wide area not only restricted to special issues related to sound insulation but also to a lot of other construction-related matters. Qualified staff of our company is always ready to help you in choice of the optimal solution for any problems.

If the problem is too complex, we have a real opportunity to attract well-known domestic and even foreign scientists to solve it.

The main criterion for evaluating our work is the opinions and feedback of our customers about the quality of the services we provide. Any your suggestions on improvement of our activities are welcome.