The efficiency of soundproofing of the entire structure depends on the components of the sound insulation system. That’s why the experts select them with special care. The MaxForte company produces modern materials for sound insulation of apartments at its own manufacturing facilities in Moscow and St. Petersburg since 2010. MaxForte constantly holds the leading positions in the market due to high quality of its products. MaxForte offers a wide range of products for sound insulation of walls and floors at competitive prices. Our products will help you to achieve the maximum efficiency without sacrificing the area of your premises.
All building materials providing the noise insulation of the ceiling and the other surfaces of the apartment are the result of our long-term studies and testing for the compliance with the declared properties. Initially, the works were carried out in the Modern Acoustical Engineering Testing Laboratory of NIISPh. Furtherly the works were continued in the sound-measuring chamber. We did our best to offer widely the low-cost wall soundproofing materials able to reduce efficiently the noise level in the apartment.
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Apartment soundproofing has become an integral part of the repair works today. The low quality construction and the improper layout, as well as the use of the modern powerful speakers, result in the necessity of the noise insulation.
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Increased audibility of neighbors behind the wall may be found in any apartment, regardless of the type of the housing. As a rule, the anxiety is caused by the airborne noise like voices, TV, screams or dogs barking. Structure-borne noise disturbs more rarely. It may be the movement of an elevator or the flowing water in the pipes. In our company, you can buy the soundproofing which completely removes the noise from the neighbors!

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Poor soundproofing of ceiling against the upstairs neighbors is the most common problem encountered by our customers. Upstairs tramping, falling objects, moving furniture and other impact noises are the top irritants. And this is not surprising: the improper construction of the floor in the upstairs neighbors’ apartment may result in exceeding the standard values for as much as 20 dB! Let us analyze the options of soundproofing the ceiling prior to mounting of the stretch ceiling or the suspended drywall ceiling.

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No intermediate floor, even the thickest one, can ever meet the requirements of the Building Codes and Regulations (SNiP) for Noise Protection in terms of soundproofing against the impact noises. Due to violation of the building technologies, the intermediate floors often contact with the pipes and become the conductors of structure-born noise. Let us choose the best option for soundproofing the floors and the floor structures of an apartment or a house!

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